Call for expressions of interest to nominate for ZAA awards

The Zoo and Aquarium Association Awards are a celebration and acknowledgement of extraordinary success resulting from the dedication and valuable work of our member zoos and aquariums and their positive impact on conservation and animal welfare. There are several categories available to enter, ensuring the opportunity for recognition in numerous areas. 

All awards operate on a two-tier system, which aims to provide smaller zoos and aquariums a chance to compete on a more level playing field. The two-tiers are as follows: 
large institutions – operating expenditure above $1.5 million
small institutions – operating expenditure $1.5 million or below

Award categories include: 
Engagement Award
Exhibit Awards
Conservation Award
Environmental Sustainability Award
Employee of the Year Award

Download the 2023 ZAA Awards Criteria Guide for more information

Click here  to submit an expression of interest. 

Closing date April 3


Additional Dates of importance for the 2023 ZAA awards: 

 Expressions of interest  February 15 - April 3
 Awards shortlist announcement  April 21
 Presentation Preparation   April 24 - May 26 
 Presentation Period  May 29 - June 16