Gala dinner and fundraiser

At this year’s annual ZAA conference we are hosting a gala dinner at Melbourne Zoo to raise funds for EAZA's efforts to support zoos and aquariums animal welfare in Ukraine. We are also encouraging members to fundraise within their community throughout the month of July.

On the 24th of February, every aspect of life in Ukraine changed, as a massive Russian invasion force entered the country in the North, the East, and the South, preceded by aerial bombardment. The nations bordering Ukraine and the wider international community have been quick to show their support. This support has also been evident within the zoo community, with zoos in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany quickly mobilising to collect funds for Ukrainian zoos and to put together supplies and transport to help them care for their animals. On the 1st of March EAZA created an emergency fund for Ukrainian Zoos which has raised €1.3m from over 130 institutional donors and 11,000 individuals since.

The fund is helping cover the expenses of Ukrainian zoos, including emergency funds to buy food and supplies for animals and staff in the short and long term. As well as helping to carry out repairs to critical infrastructure and enclosures damaged in conflict over the medium term. Funds will also be used to help zoos rebuild and rehabilitate their animals once the fighting is well away from the sites.

Whilst the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces is shocking and sad, it is heartening to see the extraordinary response from dedicated zoo staff in Ukraine, as well as the support being shown from zoo and conservation communities all around the world. We have seen our community come together like never before.

Help us support our Ukrainian zoo community by buying a ticket to the gala dinner fundraiser and/or by participating in a fundraising campaign throughout the month of July.


Gala Dinner 

Wednesday, 10th August 6:30pm-10pm

Venue: Melbourne Zoo

This is the premier social event of the Conference. We want to create a signature event for our attendees, past and present to relax, unwind and have fun connecting with colleagues and professional partners.

This year we are holding a silent auction with fantastic prizes to raise funds for EAZA's efforts to support zoos and aquariums animal welfare in Ukraine.


July Fundraiser 

Photo: Lodz Zo

For members who are unable to attend the gala dinner or those who wish to participate as much as possible, we encourage you to join our fundraising efforts throughout the month of July. This is a great opportunity to show your support for Ukrainian zoos and aquariums, raise visitor awareness, and participate in some friendly competition.

An award for the most creative fundraiser will be presented on the gala dinner night, so think outside of the box!

Here are a few fundraising ideas to get you started:

  • Bake sale
  • BBQ
  • Craft activities
  • Pledge challenges
  • Round-up donations 

Donations will be collected at the beginning of August via a bank transfer to the ZAA Wildlife Conservation Fund. Bank transfer details will be distributed closer to the date.

For any questions or inquiries email [email protected]