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By keeping your cat safe, you're also protecting our native New Zealand wildlife.

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A community dedicated to protecting cats and wildlife


Whatever stage of life your cat is at, with the proper care and attention they can thrive when kept safe at home. And when cats aren’t roaming, the local wildlife around you is free to flourish.


We’re here to provide you with the latest advice, tips, and tools to help you transition your cat to a safer and happier life at home. Become part of the community that loves their cat and local wildlife.


Pet cats provide love and companionship to New Zealanders (The NZ Companion Animal Council Inc., 2020)

1 in 3

Cat owners agree that cats that stay at home lead longer, healthier lives than those that roam (according to our survey data)


Cat owners agree that keeping cats at home keeps them safe (according to our survey data)


We all want our companion cats to be safe and happy. Keeping them at home and providing for their physical, health, and behavioural needs is the best way to ensure this. There are so many benefits to keeping your cat safe and happy at home: you and your cat get to spend more time together and become even closer, and your cat has a decreased chance of becoming sick, injured, and lost.


SPCA New Zealand

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"I'd grown up with indoor-outdoor cats so I was surprised to see how happy our foster kittens appeared to be with an enriched indoor environment. Now we have formally adopted them we have continued to keep them safe and happy at home. Our cats spend their days playing together, lounging on their cat shelves and sunbathing safely in their catio. We keep them (and ourselves!) entertained with puzzle feeders, playing and trick training. With them at home I have peace of mind knowing that they are safe from the many dangers faced by roaming cats and I love the close bond we enjoy.
Alison Vaughn, PhD, SPCA New Zealand