About Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife

A join initiative between ZAA and RSPCA Australia


The Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) has teamed up with RSPCA Australia and vets to help you keep your cat safe and happy.

With your help, we aim to build a community of cat owners who have the knowledge to provide their cat with the longest and happiest lives possible by keeping them safe and enriched at home.

By signing up, you will receive free advice to make your home a haven for your companion cat.

We care about cats, big and small.

ZAA welfare accredited zoos, aquariums, and RSPCA Australia are experts at providing care and enrichment for cats big and small so let us guide you in providing the best care for your feline friend.

A cat that has an enriched life and is kept at home is a safe and happy cat.


"The fact is, the more time a pet cat spends safe at home, the less risk of injury or death from road accidents, fighting, and disease. A pet cat kept safe at home can live up to four times longer than a cat left to roam."

Australian Veterinary Association (2016)


Keeping cats safely at home helps by giving our native wildlife more opportunity to thrive.

Around 46% of Australia’s endangered wildlife can be found in towns and cities (Ives et al. 2015).

Keeping cats at home helps by allowing our native wildlife to grow. Our beloved pet cats deserve the best chance at life – so does our local wildlife.

With the help of Safe Cat, Safe Wildlife, providing a safe space at home for a cat to thrive can be simple, fun and rewarding.

More than 60% of cat owners that we surveyed already keep their cats safe at home. Join them now and receive all the cat caring information you need – including secret tips – delivered direct to your inbox about once a month.