ZAA Board of Directors


The Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Board of Management is made up of nine to ten individuals, including a President and Vice President. They are all elected for a two-year term at the Annual General Meeting, except for two positions which are appointed representatives (Queensland Branch representative and New Zealand Association representative).

All standing Board members must be individual members of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, as well as employed by a Full Institutional member.

ZAA Board Members


Amy Hughes - Board Member

Posted on 7/21/2020


Richard Dilly - Board Member

Posted on 7/15/2020


Elaine Bensted - ZAA Vice-President

Posted on 10/8/2019


Cameron Kerr - ZAA President

Posted on 9/17/2019


Kelsey Engle - Board Member

Posted on 9/17/2019


Kevin Buley - Board Member

Posted on 9/17/2019


Ross Williamson - Board Member

Posted on 9/17/2019


Wendy Attenborough - Board Member

Posted on 9/17/2019