Andrea Reiss – Regional Veterinary Officer

Andrea began working for the Zoo and Aquarium Association in January 2010, following a career of almost 20 years as a clinical zoo vet. Andrea has previously worked at Melbourne Zoo (as both veterinary resident and associate vet), Perth Zoo and Taronga Zoo. She has also worked extensively with free-ranging wildlife both in Australia and overseas, and is currently employed part time at Murdoch University, investigating disease in small mammals in the Northern Territory.

Andrea is part of the Professional Practices portfolio of the ZAA office and provides regional services in the areas of Veterinary Health and Biosecurity. She works closely with the Veterinary Specialist Advisory Group (SAG), and chairs the Zoo Animal Health Reference Group, a committee of senior zoo vets convened to provide Australia’s Chief Veterinary Officer (CVO) with key information about the zoo industry. She liaises with key regulators in Australia, including the commonwealth Department of Agriculture and chairs the Zoo Industry Import Prioritisation Committee.

Andrea works closely with the Animal Biosecurity Branch of the Department of Agriculture to develop scientific Import Risk Analyses (IRAs) so that exotic zoo animals can be imported in Australian zoos.

Andrea currently works two days a week for the Zoo and Aquarium Association.