James Biggs – Conservation & ASMP Manager

James has been actively involved in the zoo industry for 15 years, having worked in various supervisory and management roles across animal care, collection management, small population management, staff development, research and policy. In that time James has accrued industry responsibilities including representative on several national Recovery Teams and Advisory Groups, and Species Coordinator for a handful of native and exotic species. 

In the ZAA Office, James is primarily responsible for the delivery of Species Management Services to the membership across the Australasia region, where he also works to bolster relationships with various industry-related stakeholders for the membership.

James is an enthusiastic conservationist and was awarded the 2016 ASZK Conservation Award for developing a tool that allows authorities to interrogate causes, localities and characteristics of mortality and morbidity events involving wild cassowaries, thereby identifying more effective solutions to help prevent cassowary injuries and deaths in-situ.