Judith Gillespie – Accreditation Officer

Judith joined the ZAA in September 2016 as an Accreditation Officer to assist implementation of the Accreditation Program. Working closely with Nick and Libby the role encompasses undertaking accreditation site visits to member facilities, program review and development.

Judith has previously worked with ZAA on the development of Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Exhibited Animals and recently been chair of the ZAA Standards and Accreditation Committee (SAC).

She has worked in the zoo sector for many years, including the positions of Curator at Taronga’s Sydney and Dubbo zoos, and s species coordinator for Regent Honeyeater, Addax and Common Eland.

Judith received a BSc in Zoology at Macquarie University, TAFE Zoo Keeper Diploma, and completed the University of Edinburgh’s Animal Welfare Course. When not at the ZAA office or a zoo she is to be found somewhere in her garden replanting what the lyrebirds have dug out.