ZAA Drought & Bushfire Wildlife Recovery

Whilst the team at ZAA have been responding throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, some of our team have been busy working hard in the background on our drought and bushfire wildlife recovery work, which began at the start of the year.

Our approach aims to execute three key phases:

Phase one - placing rescued native animals with appropriate facilities and expert care for treatment, ongoing rehabilitation and preparation to return to the wild. Now complete.

Phase two – assessing the impacts on wildlife and habitat to understand where rehabilitation efforts are most needed. Ongoing.

Phase three – medium and long-term recovery efforts to return healthy animals to regenerated habitats and revive and sustain populations of wildlife in affected areas. Ongoing.



A panel of members from the Wildlife Conservation Committee (WCC) assessed the applications for funding from the ZAA Bushfire Appeal, which raised over $1 million dollars earlier this year. The successful projects included everything from wildlife rescue in the early stages to new breeding programs to assessment of affected species to scientific biobanking.

We’re very excited to share the following areas of work across all three phases of the ZAA response which will support a range of native Australian species through rescue, assessment and recovery actions.


Explore our six recovery projects below:



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