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ZAA Conference

The Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Annual Conference provides the opportunity for zoo and aquarium experts and partners to come together to share ideas, discuss zoo and aquarium developments and to network.

Hosted by a member organisation, the ZAA Conference explores a range of topics based on a common theme. Expressions of interest to host the event are circulated every year.


The Zoo and Aquarium Association Annual General Meeting is usually scheduled in May and is important for shaping the direction of the Association and to fulfil the legal requirements of an Incorporated Association.

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2021 ZAA Conference
The 2021 ZAA Conference in Sydney, Australia will provide a virtual and in-person platform for speakers to share their experiences and knowledge in the area of Science, Learning & Transformation. Registration will open in May 2021.

When: August 3–5, 2021
ARK SAG Workshop
Join ZAA and Species360 for a series of online sessions to expand your knowledge and learning around studbooks, ZIMS Medical, ZIMS Husbandry and more.

When: March 9–12, 2021