ZAA Events


The ZAA Conference

The Zoo and Aquarium Association (ZAA) Biennial Conference provides the opportunity for zoo and aquarium experts and partners to come together to share ideas, discuss zoo and aquarium developments and to network.

Hosted every two years by a member organisation, the Biennial Conference explores a range of topics based on a common theme. Expressions of interest to host the ZAA Biennial conference occurs every two years prior to the event.


The ZAA Workshops

Every alternate year to the conference, ZAA hosts a series of Learning and Development Workshops which run over three days. At these Workshops we collate and share information, resources and expertise for the purpose of working together to achieve higher standards of education, research, conservation and animal welfare. This year the Learning and Development Workshops were held in Sydney, Australia.


Both the Biennial Conference and the Workshops are usually scheduled in May and are important for shaping the direction of the Association. In order to fulfil the legal requirements of an Incorporated Association, the ZAA Annual General Meeting (AGM) is also held in conjunction with both events.

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