Ranger - Keeper

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

Walkabout Wildlife Sanctuary - Calga

A new Ranger position has opened in our wildlife sanctuary.

We’d like to tell you a bit about our animals and our team.

About our animals:

Our animals are either rescues or their offspring, or they’re in one of a number of national breed for release programme like our brush-tailed rock wallaby bush fire recovery program. From Matilda the 21-year-old free-ranging swamp wallaby who lives wild but has trained us to provide her with her own buffet in the visitor center, to Xhosa the meerkat who fought his way out of the talons of a raptor 50 foot in the air when still a juvenile, and Waffles the (not-so-) miniature pig who weighs in at around quarter of a ton, every one of our animals - mostly Australian natives - is a special personality with special story.

About our team:

We have 8 rangers who look after animal husbandry for both captive and free-ranging animals, 1 administrator on front of house who is also our vet nurse, 1 general manager who works on front of house and with the rangers in the field, 1 director who is also our curator and who does all our maintenance, 10 to 30 regular trainees depending on the time of year, various Australian and international interns, and community volunteers who help where they can. And we all help each other across all departments.

About our work:

Our rangers’ main responsibilities are all aspects of husbandry for 200+ captive and free-ranging semi-wild animals across 60+ species. We’re assigned to one of 3 sections, but we’re one team. We all help each other to balance the workload across the sections, and we also help each other across departments as needed. Administration. Customer service. Team training. Maintenance. Preparing cabins and campsite for guests. Running cultural workshops. It all makes for a varied and interesting workplace.

About our culture:

We have an absolute commitment to a team environment where everyone wants to come to work. We like working together. We don’t tolerate bullying. We discourage negativity. If there are problems, we all (including managers) talk it out and fix it. We all work hard. We are all prepared to do whatever needs to be done to keep our animals and our workmates happy and healthy. No-one is too senior or too special to do any job. No-one asks anyone else to do something they won’t do themselves.

About our workplace:

We are a working wildlife sanctuary. We have 170 acres of native bushland. 80 acres are fox- /cat- /dog-proofed. Our rangers maintain the 2½ km fox-proof fence. We’re open to the public, that’s how our work is funded. We don’t have a lot, but we’re creative and make what we’ve got work. We’re privately owned but all proceeds have always been invested in the work we do. We’re on Heritage Listed land. We care for ancient Aboriginal sites. We’re in Calga, an hour north of the Harbour Bridge and 15 minutes from Gosford. We’re easy to get to just off the M1, but there’s no public transport so a reliable car is essential.

About you:

You have a Cert III Captive Animals. Other qualifications would be helpful. You have at least 3 years’ full-time experience with Australian animals. You enjoy zookeeping, but you want to understand wild wildlife. You are interested in Aboriginal culture. You enjoy training and development, your own and others’. Your rabies titers, covid vaccinations, First Aid Certificate and Working with Children Check are all current.

How to apply:

Email your resume and cover letter to the General Manager at [email protected] before 31st January 2022. Please note that we may close applications early, depending on response.