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An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced 2IC to join the Australasia team in a Full Time Capacity!

Australia Zoo is an equal opportunity employer, where we recognise the diversity of our workforce and community – be it on the basis of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or religious belief. We provide specific workplace programs to support diversity and equal employment opportunities for women, people with disabilities and all cultural backgrounds.

As the ‘2IC – Australasia’ you are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of all the animals in your care and the staff working with them. You will contribute your ideas and experience to assist the Department HOD in running the department and the associated conservation programs. You may be required to perform daily encounters, presentations and ensure the upkeep of the facility meets Australia Zoo standards. You are responsible for providing exceptional welfare to the animals in your care.

Australia Zoo expects all its keepers to be dedicated to conservation and promote positive animal welfare. Keeping teams are encouraged to strive for continual improvement in facilities, animal care and self-development. They do this with enthusiasm and motivation toward their individual learning and training.

Primary Duties –

  • Demonstrate accountability and sound judgment when carrying out job requirements with an emphasis on safety.
  • Communicate well with others and efficiently share information as required.
  • Motivate staff and ensure a productive, flexible and productive team at all times.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and develop trust and credibility within the team.
  • Make clear, consistent and safe decisions for themselves and the team.
  • Take on the role as point of contact in the absence of HOD. Ensuring that HOD instructions are followed at all times.
  • Resolve staff conflicts and report these to the department HOD/Keeper Management as appropriate.
  • Provide constructive feedback on staff members and facility operations to HOD/Keeper Management.
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service and communication skills – within the team, the public and media.
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of record keeping requirements, including ZIMS.
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of conservation and relate that through public education.
  • Implement staff training and daily schedules with a focus on Protected Contact management.
  • Determine work priorities and delegate these tasks to staff members.
  • Assist in periodic reviews of department procedures.
  • Participate in performance training and development reviews as requested by the company both on and off the job.
  • Ensure maximum safety standards are upheld in all work practices.
  • Work within guidelines of health and safety procedures to ensure security of animals, staff and guests.
  • Assist with conscious and safe decisions regarding safety of other keepers and zoo guests around the animals.
  • Responsible for ensuring the effective containment of animals and preventing escapes from enclosures in conjunction with the HOD.
  • Follow directions by Management/HOD in a safe and secure manner at all times.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the location and use of canes and extinguishers within the facility.
  • Co-ordinate and contribute to the training and conditioning of animals in a safe manner.
  • Co-ordinate and Contribute to the training and supervision of trainee staff in relation to all animals
  • Contribute to the training of staff with regards to husbandry and animal management.
  • Recognise animal concerns (health and behavioural issues) & reporting them to HOD.
  • Be fully competent with daily presentations (Protected and Free Contact).
  • Be fully competent to liaise with Veterinary Department in carrying out varied medical tasks as requested.
  • Competent in preparing diets, medications and feed out.
  • Commitment to Australia Zoo’s confidentiality and privacy policies.
  • Attend meetings as requested by management/HOD.
  • Undertake duties as requested by management/HOD..
  • Demonstrate an understanding in controlling situations between staff and animals.
  • Must demonstrate an understanding of leash technique.
  • Be able to participate in guest encounters.
  • Be fully competent with daily presentations (Interactive)
  • Provide and maintain the highest level of customer service standards at all times
  • Ensure company confidentiality, ethics and professional standards are adhered to at all times
  • Working within the guidelines of Workplace Health and Safety procedures
  • Participating in performance training and development reviews or programs
  • Be willing to extend and apply skills and knowledge to undertake expanding/changing responsibilities
  • Take ownership of self-development by developing skills and knowledge
  • Be willing to assist other departments operationally
  • Other duties as requested by Senior Management


Essential Criteria –

  • Current Advanced First Aid and CPR Qualifications
  • Hold current Driver’s License
  • Available to work weekends, public holidays, and school holiday periods
  • Experience in a similar role and long term commitment to Australia Zoo
  • Proof of Coronavirus Vaccination (unless otherwise exempt)
  • Proof of Q-Fever Vaccination (unless otherwise exempt) 


Preferred Criteria –

  • Current Advanced 1stCPR Qualifications
  • Any other relevant certificates

Here is a checklist of information you will need to have ready before you start to complete the employment application form:

  • Education history
  • Employment history
  • References
  • Any qualifications you may have e.g. First Aid
  • Any achievements you may like to tell us about
  • Your availability (what hours can you work)
  • A resume in .pdf or .doc format
  • Any other info that may support your application


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