Senior Animal Keeper

Australia Zoo

A unique opportunity has arisen for an experienced Animal Keeper to join our Australia Zoo Team!

With several specialised sections, our dedicated ‘Senior Animal Keepers’ are integral to the Australia Zoo framework.  To be successful in the role, you will have a demonstrated understanding of the duties and be sensitive to the needs of the individuals in your care.  You will have the ability to work within a high performance environment, with a capacity to deliver all requirements of the role.

As a ‘Senior Animal Keeper’ at Australia Zoo, you are responsible for performing duties within your assigned department, and will report directly to the Head of Department.  You will ensure all policies and procedures are adhered to throughout all aspects of your work.  You will be familiar with the ‘5 domains’ and contribute to the continuous improvement of animal husbandry needs across your department.  You must also have a demonstrated understanding of operant conditioning.

As a Senior Animal Keeper at Australia Zoo, there is an expectation that you will further your knowledge and development across animal care and conservation, be passionate about wildlife and wild-things and have a soft spot in your heart for the animals in your care.

Australia Zoo is an equal opportunity employer, where we recognise the diversity of our workforce and community - be it on the basis of gender, age, race, sexual orientation, or religious belief.  We provide specific workplace programs to support diversity and equal employment opportunities for women, people with disabilities and all cultural backgrounds.

This unique position has the opportunity to experience Australia Zoo’s grounds and it’s beautiful animals.  A variety of training and development opportunities will continue to arise, and an opportunity to work collaboratively on a number of projects throughout the Conservation industry.

Primary Duties:

Assist in meeting the operational requirements of the department by ensuring appropriate direction of the Head of Department is followed 
Complete food preparation for the animals assigned to your care, and understand the dynamic of the species dietary requirements 
Complete daily husbandry requirements of the department by ensuring appropriate direction of the Head of Department is followed and ensure cleaning and maintenance of animal enclosures are completed daily
Liaise with Head of Departments regarding any daily instructions and concerns that may occur
Ensure the highest quality of animal welfare is provided to all animals in your care (including enrichment, diets, conditioning and environment)
Deliver daily public demonstrations and keeper talks when applicable 
Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills, and ensure appropriate record keeping expectations are met for the animals in your care (including diaries, Veterinary requirements and 
Assisting veterinarians and medical staff with relevant procedures when directed by the Head of Department 
Ensure husband requirements of the species are met 
Maintain a high standard of service by ensuring great customer service and cleanliness 
Ensure a high level of understanding of the 5 domains and accreditation process to ensure the positive welfare of the animals 
Understand the components of operant and classical conditioning and training; including why these techniques are utilised 
Understand the natural history of species in your care and ensure appropriate care is provided at all times
Understand the individual history of species in your care and ensure appropriate care is provided at all times
Demonstrated understanding of the importance of hygiene and biosecurity requirements
Demonstrate continual self-development/motivation/enhancement by ensuring all department induction manuals and training documents are completed appropriately 
Actively collaborate with team members, communicate effectively and offer assistance whenever possible
Demonstrate effective communication strategies – both verbal and written 
Ensure all workplace health and safety guidelines relevant to the role are followed appropriately 
Promote a positive team culture through the promotion of the Australia Zoo vision and mission 

Essential Criteria:

Hold current Driver’s Licence (manual)
Available to work weekends, public holidays, and school holiday periods
Experience in a similar role and long term commitment to Australia Zoo 
Minimum of 4 years Zookeeping experience 
Proof of Coronavirus Vaccination (unless otherwise exempt) 
Proof of Q-Fever Vaccination (unless otherwise exempt)

Preferred Criteria:

Current Advanced First Aid and CPR Qualifications 
Any other relevant certificates 
Cert III in Captive animals (or equivalent) 
Bachelor of Zoology (or equivalent)

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