Water Quality Specialist

Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is a new large metropolitan Zoo that opened December 2019. Sydney Zoo showcase a broad range of native and exotic animals using modern technology and advanced exhibit design. A strong focus on animal welfare and engaging our visitors with our animals’ natural history and their conservation challenges. Environmental and social awareness also plays a vital role in our messaging, focusing on indigenous culture and human influence on the environment. Sydney Zoo’s Animal Care Team continually work towards providing excellence in animal care and facilities with enthusiasm and motivation toward their individual learning and training.

The Position

This is an outstanding opportunity to be part of an exciting new zoo in the role of Animal Care Team, utilising your skills in an area that you are genuinely passionate about. The role will commence as soon as possible. The Water Quality Specialist (WQS) is expected to perform all aspects of the Water Quality including sample testing,
quality control, data interpretation, data entry as well as aide in troubleshooting and correction of parameters for all water bodies throughout Zoo including aquarium, aquarium discharge, moats, irrigation water and stormwater discharges. The Water Quality Specialist as a member of the Senior Animal Care Team. The WQS will be responsible to build, develop, maintain and manage relationships with local authorities such as Department of Industry, Natural Resources Access Regulator, Office of Environment and Heritage Water NSW and EPA.

Skills, Knowledge and Relevant Experience

  • Bachelor of Science degree specialising in water management.
  • Experience in habitat maintenance and the ability to review habitats and to assess their visitor appeal.
  • Experience with ozone application and monitoring.
  • Experience with aquarium life support systems.
  • Thorough knowledge of freshwater and saltwater chemistry.
  • Plumbing & mechanical skills.
  • Project management and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to adapt to changing operating environments.


To apply for this position please visit the Sydney Zoo Website Careers Page http://www.sydneyzoo.com/careers/ and click on the advertised position. Applicants will be required to provide a current resume and a covering letter outlining your ability to meet the above selection requirements.

Applications close at midday on Monday 29th June 2020.

Please direct any requests for further information to careers@sydneyzoo.com.

Sydney Zoo is committed to the principles and practices of Equal Employment Opportunity and Cultural Diversity. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people with disability are encouraged to apply for all Sydney Zoo positions. If you require assistance, please be sure to contact us by email to careers@sydneyzoo.com or
by phone to 1800 843 966.