Bird Keeper

Darling Downs Zoo

A career opportunity has arisen in the Darling Downs Zoo’s bird department.

The zoo is situated in a rural setting about half way between Toowoomba and Warwick in south-east Queensland.   Our avian collection is one of the highlights of the zoo and is a varied and expanding one.

We are seeking a person with at least 2 year’s hands on, practical experience in the husbandry and management of exhibited birds.  If you do not have this experience, please do not apply.

Reference[s] from your previous employers should attest to your ability to provide for the complete welfare of the birds in your care, to prepare appropriate food, to catch up a wide variety of species, to clean aviaries and their surrounds, to renovate aviaries as required, to research and provide enrichment opportunities for your charges, to monitor and report all aspects of the lives of the birds in your care – as well as any other skills that you may have.  Your references should also attest to your work ethic and your commitment to the animals in your care.

You will need to be able to confidently and accurately deliver keeper talks to our visitors and to conduct Animal Encounters – not only with birds but with a variety of other species after training.

You will need to work harmoniously within a small team, to be available to work a Tuesday to Saturday roster, to be flexible with regards to filling in for absent team members, to be able to carry out manual work in all kinds of weather and to do all of this without losing your sense of humour!

The succesful applicant will be given a three months trial before being offered a permanent position.  Remember – this is more than just a job – this is a career opportunity.

Please apply to with full details of your experience and copies of your references.