Systems Analyst

Port Moresby Nature Park

About the assignment

Port Moresby Nature Park was launched 11 June, 2012 to take over the management of the site formerly known as the National Botanical Gardens, which was established in 1971 but over the years had become extremely run‐down and virtually non‐operational. Since opening, the Nature Park has been hard at work developing itself into PNG’s leading recreational attraction. This has included the development of the entire organisation through strong training and mentoring programs, implementation of the 2020 Master Plan, Business Plans and Strategic Plans.  

The Port Moresby Nature Park operates using a range of computer systems which are designed for specific purposes such as managing point of sales, inventory and stock, visitation and membership, accounts management, payroll etc. As the organisation has grown, these systems have become a critical tool for day to day operations and the need for these systems to interface and ‘talk’ to each other has become evident. The current lack of interfacing between systems increases the amount of time staff are required to spend entering data manually which also leads to more data entry related errors.

The purpose of this role is to review the current workflow across our sales management and accounting systems then developing solutions to improve workflow by preparing and evaluating alternative workflow solutions. Once a solution is identified, develop a project plan to roll out the solution in a controlled and practical way. This role will then coordinate and assist in preparing the data and other system tools to ensure the solution is fully implemented and operational within the assignment time-frame.

In this role you will review current workflow practices and develop a project plan to solve potential issues.
You will require a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering

Living allowance: $1,645

The monthly living allowance enables you to live a modest local lifestyle. Based on the cost of living in a particular country, it covers food, your daily commute, communication and other local costs. It is not set to enable you to meet financial commitments at home, such as a mortgage or a personal loan.

This role will work as a crucial point in developing future infrastructure and systems that will allow the operations of the Nature Park to continue to grow in future.

Special requirements

  • Federal Police Check must be completed during application
  • First Aid Certificate is required
  • Video response interview must be completed as part of this application

Applications close 29th January 2020

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