Bird Keeper

Tasmania Zoo

Tasmania Zoo is located only 15 minutes’ drive from Launceston and central to several large national parks in the region.  We recognise the values that engaging visitors through wildlife experiences and interpretation have in promoting local conservation actions.  Our animals include a wide range of native and exotic species from birds, marsupials, primates, to large and small carnivores and in an active growth phase. Devils Heaven is our special breeding program that supports formal conservation management through ties to government Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STTDP) and ZAA.


The position available is permanent fulltime, 76 hours per fortnight and does include  weekend, public/school holiday periods.

About the role:

This position is best suited to a competent bird keeper, wanting to broaden their animal experience. The position also requires the keeper to be trained in food preparation and across other sections including Native’s, Small Carnivores, Primates and Ungulates.

General duties:

Provide a sound standard of husbandry and care to all animals under charge; including provision of appropriate nutrition, thorough cleaning and upkeep of enclosures and following The Zoo’s Policy and Practice

  • Daily monitoring and tending of animals and their environment ensuring all needs are met (health, behaviour, shelter, nutrition)
  • Diet preparation and provision
  • Practice hygienic methods of food preparation, presentation and overall cleaning

    Ensure animal exhibits are well presented and maintained in a safe, bio-secure manner
  • Undertake approved, species-appropriate environmental enrichment activities
  • Perform basic animal health care and administer routine and preventative treatment and medications as directed
  • Assist  with  manual  restraint  and  handling  of  animals  for  monitoring,  movements  and veterinary procedures

Ensure timely and accurate recordkeeping in relation to animals, routines, husbandry outcomes, environments and activities / events

  • Maintain detailed animal husbandry and health records
  • Undertake daily animal presentations to the public; ensuring talks are factual, represent up- to-date information, hit key messages and meet a professional standard
  • Provide assistance and information to public in a professional and courteous manner
  • Actively participate as a team-member
  • Work  closely  with  volunteers  assigned  to assist with various  duties,  ensuring  tasks  are performed effectively and safely
  • Attend to reporting needs in relation to animal health, security and workplace safety matters

Specific duties and responsibility:

  • Follow  feeding,  care  and  maintenance  schedules  of Zoo animals  as  per  written  and verbal directions
  • Assist with exhibit refurbishment and renovation as required to meet animal health and wellbeing, and effective / aesthetic visual interpretation of species
  • Participate in behaviour/conditioning and undertake training as required
  • Assist with or undertake capture and restraint of Zoo animals under direction
  • Liaise with supervisors regarding animal health matters, and veterinary or health requirements
  • Use of relevant safety equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE) relating to animal care and enclosure maintenance
  • Follow reporting requirements for all animal health, WH&S and injury, hazard / incidents
  • Comply with WH&S requirements for all aspects  of  husbandry, enclosure  maintenance and grounds upkeep (animal handling, use of vehicles/chainsaws, waste disposal, PPE etc.)

Role requirements:

  • Certificate III Captive Animals
  • Minimum of one (1) year paid experience in a husbandry role within the zoological or captive animal industry (e.g. shelter, agricultural, laboratory background)
  • Husbandry experience with a range of different animal taxon
  • Experience in public speaking, delivering presentations and educational messages
  • Understanding of Workplace Health, Safety and Environment needs
  • Full manual car licence
  • Current First Aid Certificate (desirable)

If you are a hard-working person with a genuine interest in making a difference for animals and conservation, we would like to hear from you. Please submit your resume and cover letter outlining skills and experience to [email protected] by c.o.b Friday 29th July 2022.

Please note that only applicants short listed will be contacted.