Vet Nurse Zoo Keeper - Animal Services, Woodlands - Full Time

Territory Wildlife Park

Information for applicants – inclusion and diversity and Special Measures recruitment plans
The NTPS values diversity. The NTPS encourages people from all diversity groups to apply for vacancies and accommodates people with
disability by making reasonable workplace adjustments. If you require an adjustment for the recruitment process or job, please discuss
this with the contact officer. For more information about applying for this position and the merit process, go to the OCPE website.
Under the agency’s Special Measures recruitment plan eligible Aboriginal applicants will be granted priority consideration for this
vacancy. For more information on Special Measures plans, go to the OCPE website.

Primary objective
Under the leadership and guidance of the Specialist Keepers and Senior Vet Nurse, provide zoo keeping services for
endangered species breeding programs, and zoo keeping respite to other sections across the park as required. Provide backup
quarantine and veterinary nurse assistance to all sections on the park and assist on matters relating to animal welfare,
endangered species breeding and captive animal husbandry.

Context statement
The Animal Services section provides a broad service for the park, including: veterinary, management of food supply
(including the breeding and culling of mice, roaches, crickets and mealworms); implementing endangered species and other
breeding programs, providing a veterinary nursing service to all sections and to the public when bringing in injured wildlife,
and providing respite zoo keeping across the park.

Key duties and responsibilities
1. Under the leadership and guidance of Specialist Keepers, assist with the husbandry and management of native animal
breeding and research programs and provide respite zoo-keeping support to sections as required.

 2. Provide animal health and welfare support for the Park’s animal collection and manage wildlife rescue and triage.

 3. Assist with monitoring, daily reporting and data collection.

 4. Sound written and oral communication skills and an ability to prepare reports and spreadsheets as required.

 5. Maintain and improve the research and breeding area yards, service areas, rooms and holding pens.

 6. Operate within a strong safety culture and follow defined Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) policies and procedures.


 Selection criteria

1. Proven experience and a thorough understanding of the principles of captive native animal husbandry including
quarantine, observation, breeding, enrichment and enclosure design.

 2. Possess a sound understanding of the ZAA requirements of animal welfare and the principals of captive breeding and
husbandry within a zoo environment.

 3. Demonstrated ability to undertake grounds maintenance including fencing and enclosure maintenance and to work in a
role which requires physical exertion in a hot and humid environment.

 4. Demonstrated positive interpersonal skills, ability to work within a small dynamic team, support productive working
relationships, apply initiative and use common sense.

 5. Demonstrated ability to undertake public presentations and educational activities, possess sound written and oral
communication skills and an ability to prepare daily reports and spreadsheets.

 6. Demonstrated ability to work in a role which requires physical exertion in a hot and humid environment, work rostered
weekends and public holidays.

 7. A current C class driver’s license and Working with Children Clearance Notice (Ochre Card)


1. Formal training in captive animal management, snake handling and animal triage, Vet Nurse Certificate, First Aid Certificate.


Further Information

Australian Bat Lyssavirus vaccination is required for this position as the incumbent will be handling bats.

Ongoing commencing 01/10/2022

Salary: $52,728 - $62,697

Location: Berry Springs

Apply online:

Applications close c.o.b 3 August 2022