Ranger in Charge

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre

The Department of Environment and Science (DES) recognises the enormous value a clean environment, innovative society and economy, and vibrant culture makes to Queenslanders’ lives. As a diverse organisation, the department brings together environment, heritage protection, national parks, science and youth affairs functions to help achieve government objectives for a better Queensland.

We are committed to building inclusive cultures in the Queensland public sector that respect and promote human rights and diversity. DES has a culture which values results, professional growth, workforce diversity and a healthy balance between work and life commitments. DES encourages and supports its employees as individuals in an inclusive environment by embracing our differences and applying diverse and inclusive thinking to our business. We also work to create a culture free of gendered harassment and violence against women. As a White Ribbon accredited workplace, we actively create awareness of the issue of domestic and family violence, as well as do what we can to prevent it and support those that have been affected. DES is committed to the values of the Queensland Public Service: customers first; ideas into action; unleash potential; be courageous; and empower people.

At DES we recognise, respect and value First Nations people and cultures.  We are progressing self-determination by recognising the rights and interests of First Nations people. We are investing in a culturally connected and agile organisation, with the skills and experience we need to support better outcomes for First Nations people. We are taking action in fundamental areas like employment and procurement, and by building strong and sustainable partnerships with First Nations organisations and communities. We are focused on working with First Nations people to improve service design and delivery, knowing that this will deliver better outcomes for all of Queensland.  

More information on the department’s functions, focus and the type of organisation we are, can be found on the website.

Your contribution
We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual with high professional standards who are able to work well independently where required, and as part of a team. The successful applicant will be one who can motivate others through their own performance and work ethic while demonstrating the desired capabilities to lead daily operations at Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre (WCDC). 
The small and dedicated team are responsible for multi-disciplinary site operations including land, facility, captive wildlife and visitor management. The position is also a member of the broader Gateway Visitor Centres leadership team accountable for progressing strategic priorities across focus areas of operational excellence (e.g. finance and HR), assets (e.g. capital and maintenance), visitor services (education, experiences and retail), wildlife (collection management and daily husbandry) and partnerships (commercial and community).

The position works five days on and two days off, including some rostered weekend work (normally one full weekend every three weeks). The position works from the WCDC site located at Enoggera Reservoir; however, there may be travel to regional centres and other offices from time to time, that may include overnight stays.

Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre is one of three Gateway Visitor Centres, managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service & Partnerships. The Centres aim to support Queensland’s ecotourism aspirations, enhance exciting visitor experiences, build public advocacy, and provide a gateway connection to Queensland’s national parks. Partner Centres include David Fleay Wildlife Park at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast and Mon Repos Turtle Centre at Bargara in Bundaberg.

Rangers ensure that the Queensland’s national parks, state forests and reserves are protected, accessible and valued by all Queenslanders. Rangers work in partnership with local communities and other stakeholders to contribute to the land management, recreational and conservation outcomes across the protected areas which are managed by DES under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, Recreation Areas Management Act 2006, Marine Parks Act 2004, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Act 1975, Forestry Act. 1959 and other relevant legislation.
Rangers may work across several focus areas dependent on operational need, including Pest Management, Fire Management, Estate Management, Visitor Management, Wildlife Management and Assets and Safety. As such, Rangers may turn their hands to a wide range of jobs that can be safely undertaken by non-tradespersons. 
Refer below to the Working as a 006 Ranger—Additional Information for an overview of the focus areas and general working life. 

Your role
The Ranger in Charge, WOO6 is a role in which you will: 
Lead and manage a team to deliver work plans, initiatives, and project outcomes.
Lead the development of annual work programs for recreational and infrastructure maintenance and development including the acquisition and allocation of resources within budgets.
Plan and deliver specific park management projects including the development and maintenance of park infrastructure and initiatives, plant operation and maintenance, natural and cultural resource management, fire management, weed and pest control.
Establish and maintain productive relationships with stakeholders including neighbouring landholders, other government departments, industry groups, commercial operators, recreational user groups and traditional owners.
Undertake administrative activities such as planning, monitoring, reporting and records maintenance in line with organisational and financial management guidelines.
Lead and manage customer contact processes and interactions to deliver engagement, education, and advice.
Lead and conduct compliance and enforcement activities. Assist staff from other agencies with investigations as required.
Plan and coordinate contingency and emergency responses including natural disaster contingency plans, wildfire response procedures, search and rescue procedures and medical emergency procedures.
Operate a variety of departmental plant and equipment. 
Foster a workplace culture that supports and promotes the interests of First Nations people and actively engage through our work to contribute to better outcomes for First Nations people. This statement is required in all PDs.

What we are looking for
We’ll assess your merit for this role by looking at what you’ve done previously – the knowledge, skills and experience you’ve built, your potential for development, and your personal qualities. This position requires an applicant who:
1. Understands the organisations vision, priorities, and business objectives. Leads the planning and development of work programs, projects, and team goals in line with organisational priorities. Keeps supervisor informed of issues that may impact on the achievement of work programs.
2. Takes responsibility for planning and managing work projects, including human and financial resources, to achieve outcomes. Analyses problems and develops options and solutions. Understand individual and team capabilities and effectively uses available resources to achieve outcomes. 
3. Builds and sustains productive relationships with team members, customers, and stakeholders. Actively listens and values the input of others and works collaboratively. Supports and guides team members in achieving goals, especially during busy or difficult working periods.  
4. Behaves in an honest, ethical, and professional way. Understands legislation, policy, regulatory frameworks, and guidelines and is able to explain these to others. Commits to meeting objectives even in difficult circumstances and follows up to ensure issues are finalised. 
5. Communicates clearly both orally and in writing. Proactively engages with customers to engage, educate, and enhance their park experience. Manages expectations of others and negotiates issues credibly and thoughtfully. 
6. Has strong knowledge and understanding of the principles of conservation and natural resource management as they relate to workplace health and safety, compliance, and emergency response. Understands and applies policies and procedures to meet human resource and financial management standards. Understands a range of basic level trade skills with the ability to safely undertake general construction, repairs, and maintenance (where a tradesperson is not required). Applies administrative skills including record-keeping, reporting, using computer applications and equipment relevant to the job.

Every staff member is expected to role model leadership behaviours. This role requires the leadership capabilities of an Individual Contributor as outlined in the Leadership competencies for Queensland booklet.
COVID-19 Vaccination

To be eligible for appointment to this position, you must provide evidence that you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. You are considered fully vaccinated when you have had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine recognised by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. You will need to provide a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination certificate as proof that you are fully vaccinated or submit a request for exemption due to medical contraindication.

It is a mandatory requirement for the occupant of this position to hold an unrestricted manual driver’s licence or be prepared to obtain a manual licence if they do not. Officers are required to drive government vehicles, including four wheel drives as a part of their day-to-day and field work.
Mandatory requirements 
There are no mandatory qualifications required to undertake this position, however experience in the capture, restraint and handling of crocodiles in a captive setting and/or formal qualifications would be highly regarded. 

Blue Card 
Gateway Visitor Centres are ticketed attractions operated by QPWS&P offering unique nature-based experiences to visitors that can include children and young people. This role provides education, coaching and/or support services to children and young people and therefore will require a valid Blue Card with the organisation. Please refer to the Blue Card Services website (http://www.bluecard.qld.gov.au/) for further information.

Medical requirements 
To enable the department to discharge its primary duty of care under section 19 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, as far as reasonably practicable, DES provides vaccinations for those who may be exposed to vaccine preventable diseases. The appointee to this role will potentially be exposed to vaccine preventable diseases throughout the course of their work, such as zoonotic diseases, and may be required to provide either evidence of vaccination, proof that you are not susceptible to these vaccine preventable diseases, or meet the requirement by attending vaccinations arranged by DES.
Disclosure of pre-existing condition 
Upon written request, an applicant is to disclose prior to their engagement any pre-existing illness or injury that could impact their ability to perform duties of the role or has potential to aggravate a pre-existing illness or injury. It is important to note, that false or misleading disclosure under section 571C of the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 will result in a prospective employee not being entitled to compensation or to seek damages for any event that aggravates the pre-existing injury or medical condition.

To be appointed to a position, you must be an Australian citizen, have permanent residency status or a visa permitting you to work in Australia. You are required to notify the department if your right to work in Australia ceases.

Benefits and conditions
For a full list of benefits and conditions that come with this role please see our departmental website: https://www.des.qld.gov.au/our-department/employment/why-work-with-us/information-for-applicants

How to apply
To enable us to assess your merit, you should:
apply online at www.smartjobs.qld.gov.au 
include your current resume (of no more than four pages). 
provide a short statement (of no more than 2 pages) detailing your capabilities and experience, in context of the duties outlined under ‘Your contribution’.

Applying online through the Smart jobs and careers website www.smartjobs.qld.gov.au is the preferred means to submit an application.  To do this, access the 'apply online' facility on the Smart jobs and careers website.  You will need to create a 'My SmartJob' account before submitting your online application.

By applying online you can track your application through the process, maintain your personal details through registration and withdraw your application if required.
If you experience any technical difficulties when accessing www.smartjobs.qld.gov.au please contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68).  All calls relating to the status of your application once the job has closed should be directed to the contact officer on the role description. 
If you do not have internet access and are unable to submit your application online please contact the QSS Customer Support Team on 1300 146 370, between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, to enquire about alternative arrangements.  

Late applications cannot be submitted via the Smart jobs and careers website, so please allow enough time before the closing date to submit your application.  If approval has been granted by the Selection Panel for a late application to be considered, please contact the QSS Customer Support Team on the number above to arrange this.
Hand delivered applications will not be accepted.

The selection panel will assess your ability to perform the work required of the position based on your application and other selection processes which may include an interview and/or work test. Pre-employment checks, including referee checks will be conducted.

Additional Information
If you need any additional support or adjustments during the recruitment process to help you demonstrate your ability to meet the inherent requirements of the role, please contact Jenny Collins on 07 3164 3606.
Criminal history checks may be undertaken on the recommended applicant(s). A criminal conviction or charge will not automatically exclude an applicant from consideration for appointment with the Department of the Environment and Science. If information is received that may exclude you from further consideration, you will be given an opportunity to respond, and your response will be taken into account in the evaluation process.
If you are the recommended applicant, you will be required to disclose any serious disciplinary action taken against you in public sector employment. 
If you are the successful applicant, the department will work with you to ensure reasonable adjustments are made in the workplace to enable you to work safely and productively.
A probationary period of three months will apply to external appointees.
All newly appointed public service employees are obliged to provide their chief executive with a disclosure of employment as a lobbyist in the previous two years.
Applications will remain current and may be considered for identical/similar vacancies, provided the appointment is made within 12 months of the closing date of the original vacancy.

Working as a OO6 Ranger—Additional information 

Characteristics of the work 
Work is performed proactively. Employees receive broad advice and guidance from superiors on the objectives and projects to be delivered. 
Exercising of autonomy, initiative, and judgement in determining how projects or work programs are planned, resourced, managed and completed and in the resolution of challenges and problems is required. 
Achieving role outcomes requires the implementation of organisational priorities and strategic plans and programs for specialist park management projects and programs. The role is responsible for the delivery and quality of these. 
Achieving outcomes requires the development, planning and delivery of an annual program of works. 
Employees are generally responsible for managing a team or multi-disciplinary work group. This includes the allocation and monitoring of work, performance of team members as well as their development and training. 
Employees apply strong knowledge of legislation, regulations, standards, practices and procedures and the application of skills obtained through significant training and experience and/or formal vocational development. 
The role will lead the purposeful communication and interaction with other staff, teams, park customers and stakeholders to achieve objectives and optimise outcomes. 
The role is characterised by the conduct of administrative tasks to ensuring planning, management, reporting, and accountability align with organisational objectives, policies, and procedures. 
The role may also manage human resource, procurement, and financial management functions. 
The role requires the application of specialist technical knowledge and management knowledge and ability. Judgement is applied within organisational guidelines and parameters. 

Type of work 
This site leadership position is accountable for achieving the implementation of organisational priorities and strategic plans including programs for specialist park management initiatives. The role acts largely autonomously and plans and delivers an annual program of works as well as specific initiatives. The role determines resource allocation for agreed/approve work plans and priorities. It will provide direction to a work group in the execution of projects and be responsible for quality outcomes. It requires the application of substantial technical knowledge and management and leadership skills as well as demonstrated practical physical skills. Exercising excellent communication and interpersonal skills in leading teams or individuals to achieve outcomes is important. Similarly, the application of those skills in interactions with customer and stakeholders is a critical component of this role. Physical conditions may be challenging including working in heat or cold and climbing steep slopes and rough terrain. 

Duties may include, but are not limited to, an employee being required to: 
lead the development of annual work programs for recreational and infrastructure maintenance and development including the acquisition and allocation of resources within budgets 
plan and deliver specific park management projects including the development and maintenance of park infrastructure and initiatives, plant operation and maintenance, natural and cultural resource management, fire management, weed and pest control 
plan and deliver captive wildlife management including collection management, daily care and husbandry and maintaining of licencing and accreditation standards
lead and manage teams or work groups to deliver work plans, initiatives, and project outcomes 
undertake administrative duties such as planning, monitoring, reporting, and records maintenance in line with organisational and financial management guidelines 
lead and manage customer contact processes and interactions to deliver engagement, education, and advice 
lead and conduct compliance and enforcement activities. Assist staff from other agencies with investigations as required 
establish and maintain productive relationships with stakeholders including neighbouring landholders, other government departments, industry groups, commercial operators, recreational user groups and traditional owners 
plan and coordinate contingency and emergency responses including natural disaster contingency plans, wildfire response procedures, search and rescue procedures and medical emergency procedures 
operate a variety of departmental plant and equipment 

At this level, there is also a need for leadership in specialty type roles or functions within the fire, pest, estate, public contact/interpretation, asset and health and safety management areas. See the career pathways matrix for further guidance on these.

Behaviours and values
Promotes organisational vision and goals. 
Leads and manages independently to ensure the delivery of programs, priorities, objectives, and initiatives. 
Uses strong project planning and management, problem solving and research skills to implement and monitor large or multiple projects related to natural resource and parks management and initiatives. 
Applies ethical decision making and behaves in accordance with the Code of Conduct at all times. 
Displays excellent customer service focus and skills through demonstrated interpersonal and relationship management skills in engaging with customers and stakeholders. 
Positively leads and manages staff to create a positive and productive work environment where others are supported and valued. 
Leads change in a positive and enthusiastic way. 
Demonstrates the ability to safely lead and undertake duties according to procedures and policies as well as through appropriate risk management approaches as required. 
Demonstrates flexibility in response to changing priorities or emerging needs. 
Demonstrates strong administrative and financial management practices. 
Continues to grow and maintain knowledge in natural resource management, conservation, and relevant subject matter areas. 
Embraces and promotes nature-based recreation and an outdoor lifestyle. 
Understands and applies relevant legislation and organisational policies and procedures including those specifically relating to workplace health and safety, workforce management, finance, compliance, and emergency response. 

Duration; Permanent Annual

Salary; $83,725 – $88,108 

Type of appointment; Flexible Full-Time

Position number 75601839

Location Walkabout Creek Discovery Centre The Gap

Contact Jenny Collins

Ph: 07 3164 3606

Closing Date Monday, 23 January 2023

Job Ad Reference (JAR) QLD/464727/23