West Coast Wildlife Centre

Full Time


The West Coast Wildlife Centre is the official home to the incubation and captive rearing program for New Zealand’s most endangered kiwi – the rowi and Haast tokoeka.  The Centre is a public-private partnership with the Department of Conservation, working closely with Franz Josef Waiau Area Office and Haast Awarua Field Centre to undertake Operation Nest Egg.  The Centre not only provides specialist husbandry care to help save kiwi from extinction but also offers visitors an educational experience looking at the fight for kiwi survival, a chance to see rowi in a natural forest walk-through setting, together with a guided tour through the incubation and rearing facility.  The attraction also includes wildlife films, live tuatara, a glacier attraction and a West Coast storytelling area.

The Wildlife Ranger is responsible for assisting with and completing daily kiwi and Tuatara husbandry tasks and works with another Wildlife Ranger on site.

You will be part of the greater, close-knit team of the West Coast Wildlife Centre. 

Key Skills

You must have an outgoing and fun personality and enjoy working in the New Zealand conservation and tourism industry. 

You must remain calm in stressful situations, and demonstrate that you can follow well-established guidelines and processes.

You must be time aware and plan your day to work in the most efficient way throughout.

You must be comfortable and confident to work alone at times in the nocturnal house and take full responsibility for your actions.

Kiwi advocacy is an integral part of the West Coast Wildlife Centre, so you must enjoy educating visitors on the fight for kiwi survival, what is involved in the Operation Nest Egg Program and our close working relationship with the Department of Conservation. 

Due to the seasonality of the kiwi breeding season, at quieter times you are required to work in other aspects of the business including greeting visitors with excellent customer service skills, selling admission tickets in a time-efficient way and serving in the Retail gift shop.  

You will also help out with the opening and closing procedures of the West Coast Wildlife Centre.

The role also involves completing daily tasks, health checks and monitoring our Tuatara’s wellbeing.

You must have excellent communication and planning skills, strong attention to detail skills, be flexible and be level-headed at all times.  

Basic avian first aid skills are required as our nearest vet is 1 ½ hour from the West Coast Wildlife Centre.  

It is essential that you can work both individually and in a team environment -and take a lead and take responsibility for your actions.

Some of the key roles the Wildlife Ranger is required to assist with include

Kiwi Husbandry:

Helping with quarantine and disease screening procedures.
Carry out a thorough cleaning of all areas in the husbandry facility.
Daily maintenance in the kiwi nocturnal house and visually check the well-being of kiwi.
Be aware of the annual release schedule of nocturnal house kiwi.
Provide behavioural enrichment.
Coordinate trips to the forest to collect enrichment material for the nocturnal house.
Prepare kiwi food.
Monitor suitable levels of food and medical supplies, especially over peak times and holiday closeouts. Place orders for husbandry goods
Microchip insertion.
Carry out vaccinations
Be up to speed with your avian first-aid skills.
Help to maintain accurate kiwi husbandry records following WCWC protocols and ONE/Brown Kiwi Husbandry guidelines.


Kiwi Advocacy:

Carry out guided tours of the West Coast Wildlife Centre’s incubation and rearing facility.  These personalised tours run for 40 minutes with a maximum of eight clients per tour and include Tuatara. You must enjoy talking to people and be confident in conveying knowledge about conservation issues affecting kiwi. It is imperative that you keep to the allotted time.

Present kiwi and Tuatara information to schools, tour groups and other interest groups to promote the West Coast Wildlife Centre and our partnership with the Department of Conservation.

You must be able to communicate with clients from various backgrounds, age groups and language barriers.


Key Qualifications:

- Current New Zealand work permit or be a New Zealand resident.
- Full clean driver’s licence.
- Experience and qualified to work with kiwi as evidenced by your Kiwi Accredited Handler Report
- Tertiary qualification in a science/conservation-related field, or appropriate experience and thorough knowledge of New Zealand ecosystems and conservation issues.
- Experience with working with captive birds.


Applications Close : 5pm - 23rd September 2022 

Please email an application letter and CV to: [email protected]